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4 votes
check_ups.0.1.plversion 0.1
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check_ups script that uses UPS-MIB (Tripplite) (ePN complient)
Requires Net::SNMP.

Returns CRITICAL on most conditions.
Returns OK on normal output and batter status.
Returns WARNING on booster and reducer output conditions.
Returns WARNING on low or depleted battery condition.

Check UPS status via SNMP.

Usage: -H -C --help --version

-H (--hostname) Hostname to query - (required)
-C (--community) SNMP read community or v3 auth (defaults to public)

(v3 specified as username:authpassword:... )
username = SNMPv3 security name
authpassword = SNMPv3 authentication pass phrase (or hexidecimal key)
authprotocol = SNMPv3 authentication protocol (md5 (default) or sha)
privpassword = SNMPv3 privacy pass phrase (or hexidecmal key)
privprotocol = SNMPv3 privacy protocol (des (default) or aes)

-v (--snmp_version) 1 for SNMP v1

2 for SNMP v2c (default)
3 for SNMP v3

-V (--version) Plugin version
-h (--help) usage help

Primary MIB reference - UPS-MIB
Reviews (3)
As with the first review, I had to filter the script through dos2unix and change the library location as I had stuck in /usr/local/nagios/libexec. Other than that, it just works. I haven't had a UPS in a state other than OK so far so I can't say for certain it works in all cases, but I'm just happy I didn't have to write my own check script for a handful of TrippLite UPS's.
byryan_breneman, October 29, 2012
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Worked great, with a few minor tweaks.

I had to run dos2unix on the file in order for it to be read correctly. Once I did that I was able to get correct status information when running from the command line, however Nagios when running as a service would display null. I had to edit the plugin file and change the "use lib" line to be "/usr/local/nagios/libexec".

Once I did those two changes the plugin worked fine. Thanks for your contribution!
bydagibbs, June 19, 2012
I can't get this to work on a relatively new HP UPS.

Even when I modify the OID's in the script to reflect the ones HP use, I get the following error

UNKNOWN - SNMP error: Received noSuchName(2) error-status at error-index 1

Bit of a bummer, because this would give me exactly what my boss wants out of this damn HP UPS!