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bydagibbs, October 3, 2012
Have you done any further work on this?

It doesn't work very well on version 4.1 of PanOS - I get an output of "OK" no matter the threshold I put in, and the output when run from command line is weird.

OK: Mgmt - , Data - | mgmt=;data=;1;2

is what I get.

If I knew anything about perl, I'd try to fix it myself, but as a programmer I make a pretty good bricklayer. I can provide OID's from an snmpwalk if you need them for other object types.
bydagibbs, June 19, 2012
I can't get this to work on a relatively new HP UPS.

Even when I modify the OID's in the script to reflect the ones HP use, I get the following error

UNKNOWN - SNMP error: Received noSuchName(2) error-status at error-index 1

Bit of a bummer, because this would give me exactly what my boss wants out of this damn HP UPS!