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Check PDU

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check_pduPerl Nagios plugin/check script
MIBs.ziprequired MIBs for use with the perl script.
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Perl script to poll SNMP-enabled UPS devices, namely from Tripp Lite, such as the PDUMH20ATNET.
This is a perl script for polling via SNMP voltage, frequency, and amperage data. This script also outputs performance data for graphing, etc.

The URL posted above has a very detailed setup page for the uninitiated. PLEASE contact me with questions and advice.
Reviews (1)
You need to specify where to put MIBs.. Eventually I found /usr/share/snmp/mibs but that should really be part of a /detailed/ instruction. :)

Also the code in your wiki is wrong.. The use lib line should be:

use lib "/usr/local/nagios/libexec";

You had lib exec and nagios switched.. (This prevents it from running correctly in Nagios)

It's also worth noting that the SNMP community is version 2c [Causes problems if you're running a newer firmware and trying to use the V1 community...]

and finally to get the voltage reading correct on my second PDU [now running the very latest firmware... Which changes the SNMP replies], I had to add a bit to your script:

#these two ifs, fix the output voltage if it's not reading correctly... -Derek
if ($inputv > 1000){
$inputv = ($inputv / 10);

if ($outputv > 1000){
$outputv = ($outputv / 10);

If something's wrong with those lines.. It's because I only know basic Python, not Perl :)

In the end, it's working beautifully, though it has probably taken ~8 hours to get to this point. lol..
Owner's reply

The configuration and notes were written for FreeBSD, not Linux. Some path changes will be necessary to get it working on a Linux system.