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Check PDU

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check_pduPerl Nagios plugin/check script
MIBs.ziprequired MIBs for use with the perl script.
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Perl script to poll SNMP-enabled UPS devices, namely from Tripp Lite, such as the PDUMH20ATNET.
This is a perl script for polling via SNMP voltage, frequency, and amperage data. This script also outputs performance data for graphing, etc.

The URL posted above has a very detailed setup page for the uninitiated. PLEASE contact me with questions and advice.
Reviews (2)
While the command shows me the following:

Usage: ${0} hostname snmp_community key min max
It be good if author supplied an example, especially users who may have never used these features before, what simple to you may not be for other. Teach!!!!
byderekcat, March 7, 2013
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You need to specify where to put MIBs.. Eventually I found /usr/share/snmp/mibs but that should really be part of a /detailed/ instruction. :)

Also the code in your wiki is wrong.. The use lib line should be:

use lib "/usr/local/nagios/libexec";

You had lib exec and nagios switched.. (This prevents it from running correctly in Nagios)

It's also worth noting that the SNMP community is version 2c [Causes problems if you're running a newer firmware and trying to use the V1 community...]

and finally to get the voltage reading correct on my second PDU [now running the very latest firmware... Which changes the SNMP replies], I had to add a bit to your script:

#these two ifs, fix the output voltage if it's not reading correctly... -Derek
if ($inputv > 1000){
$inputv = ($inputv / 10);

if ($outputv > 1000){
$outputv = ($outputv / 10);

If something's wrong with those lines.. It's because I only know basic Python, not Perl :)

In the end, it's working beautifully, though it has probably taken ~8 hours to get to this point. lol..
Owner's reply

The configuration and notes were written for FreeBSD, not Linux. Some path changes will be necessary to get it working on a Linux system.