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Nagios plugin for checking the state of each Fiber Channel ports of a Brocade Connectrix DS 4900.
It will be very usefull for the SAN.
Reviews (2)
bymef2, January 27, 2010
Had to add: if ( ! $FC_adm_status ) { next; } after the query for SFC_adm_status. The previous query for ports_number returns the max ports allowed in the table. I do not have blades in all the slots so the table is not fully populated and has holes in it. This causes the $sess->get to fail. It would probably be better to walk the index to this table to reduce the number of queries for non-existent ports.

Other than that it is a very professional script. Opening one connection for multiple queries is much faster than the other bash scripts that restart the snmpwalk command for each query.
byTigerTank44, November 4, 2009
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Works very well. I use it to test some DS200B switches - no issues at all.