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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
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This plugin checks sensors (temperature, fans and voltages) and overall health of IBM servers using the Integrated Management Module (IMM).
This plugin checks sensors (temperature, fans and voltages) and overall health of IBM servers using the Integrated Management Module (IMM).

Examples: -H -C community -T health
Health status: Normal| -H -C community -T temperature
Ambient Temp = 18
|Temperature1=18;;;; -H -C community -T voltage
Planar 3.3V = 3270
Planar 5V = 4860
Planar 12V = 11990
Planar VBAT = 3050
|Voltage1=3270;;;; Voltage2=4860;;;; Voltage3=11990;;;; Voltage4=3050;;;; -H -C community -T fans
Fan 1A Tach = 26%
Fan 1B Tach = 19%
Fan 2A Tach = 29%
Fan 2B Tach = 18%
Fan 3A Tach = 30%
Fan 3B Tach = 21%
Fan 4A Tach = 31%
Fan 4B Tach = 21%
Fan 5A Tach = 30%
Fan 5B Tach = 21%
Fan 6A Tach = 30%
Fan 6B Tach = 21%
|Fan1=26%;;;; Fan2=19%;;;; Fan3=29%;;;; Fan4=18%;;;; Fan5=30%;;;; Fan6=21%;;;; Fan7=31%;;;; Fan8=21%;;;; Fan9=30%;;;; Fan10=21%;;;; Fan11=30%;;;; Fan12=21%;;;;
Reviews (7)
Nice plugin with a few flaws.
I made the modifications suggested by other comments here and a few other small changes. I named the "new" plugin check_snmp_ibm_imm-ng, which can also be found here on
Thank you ulric!
CPU temp critical reading in MIB is 0. Added this check to avoid false critical on CPU temp.

if test "$tempCritical" -gt 0 -a "$tempTemp" -ge "$tempCritical";
We got a new IBM x3550 M4 Server, and this server has a temperature sensor named “Mezz Card Temp” that always give 0 as the temperature. This sensors looks like it is for an optional Mezzanine card that is not installed in this server. To avoid this server to always report warning on temparature, I had to modify the script to report OK on sensors that have a Fatal temparature level of 0. My modified temparature check looks like this:
if test "$tempFatal" -eq "0"; then
elif test "$tempTemp" -ge "$tempCritical"; then
elif test "$tempTemp" -ge "$tempNoncritical"; then
Excellent plugin!
I was wondering about the return value for non-critical errors. (critical/red)
But it wasn't a problem to change this value to "1" (warning/yellow). This makes more sense to me.

Line 103:
4 )
RESULT="Health status: non-critical error"
byLethe, August 23, 2011
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Thanks for the excellent plugin that saved me quite some work, I've tested it on our Nagios deployment to monitor our lab equipment composed of 3250,3650 and 3850 it works like a charm!
bypdp11, January 19, 2011
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
This plugin works well for x3620 M3 servers.

As with many plugins, the assumption is that Nagios runs on Linux. When running this plugin on Solaris, the instances of "grep -F" need to be changed to use /usr/xpg4/bin/grep, instead of the default grep in /usr/bin.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the comment. Posix requires grep -F. I suppose Solaris has an fgrep which does the same thing but that is not in Posix so it is (in theory) less portable. I guess Solaris users will just have to suffer until Oracle fix it. :)

byalfred, September 13, 2010
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
works on x3250 M3 for me - could only test "health" with putting out an HDD.

temperatures etc are alle shown correctly

thank you very much