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byfarid, March 8, 2019
The plugin was exactly what I was after.
It's well written and works with stacked C2960-S, C2960-X and probably most other PoE switches.

Only problem was that it didn't give performance data.
I modified the plugin and added performance data in the output. The later version can be found here:
Nice plugin with a few flaws.
I made the modifications suggested by other comments here and a few other small changes. I named the "new" plugin check_snmp_ibm_imm-ng, which can also be found here on exchange.nagios.org.
Thank you ulric!
byfarid, April 21, 2016
I did not manage to get this plugin to work on my hardware. I suspect that it has to do with the now very old OpenHardwareMonitorReport supplied with this plugin.

While investigating this problem I decided to write my own plugin also using the Open Hardware monitor project.
My plugin is named check_ohm_temperatures and can also be found on this site.

Thank you jeroensteenhuis for the idea of using openhardwaremonitor.org.
byfarid, April 21, 2016
Since SFSNMP is not developed anymore, I wrote my own plugin to check temperatures on Windows hosts. My plugin uses Open Hardware monitor instead of Speedfan.

My plugin is named check_ohm_temperatures and can be found on this site.

I don't want to rate this plugin since it's not the plugins fault that it does not work anymore, so I give it Average.