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bybva, September 11, 2011
You need to install the "Megaraid Storage Manager" with SNMP support to make the plugin to work.
Once installed, it worked like a charm.

By the way, I don't agree that every SNMP errors are returned as UNKNOWN. I think every unintended errors must be CRITICAL.
I have to modify it manualy. Maybe this could beimplement as an option?
bybva, September 11, 2011
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
A little fix to force return of WARNING if GlobalState report only a WARNING.

@@ -322,9 +322,9 @@

if ($GlobalState[1] ne 'NORMAL') {

- if ($GlobalState[1] eq 'WARNING')
+ if ($GlobalState[3] eq 'OK')
- $WorstState = 'WARNING';
+ $WorstState = 'CRITICAL';
# Battery State Check
elsif ((($GlobalState[3] eq 'RECONDITIONING') || ($GlobalState[3] eq 'CHARGING') || ($GlobalState[3] eq 'LOW')) && ($GlobalState[1] ne 'CRITICAL'))