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Network Equipment Environmental Statistics

2 votes
check_env_stats.pycheck_env_stats.py | Version 1.0

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Python script that uses a few statically defined SNMP OIDs to monitor temperature, fans, power, and voltage statistics on network equipment. This currently supports only Cisco and Foundy gear (future revisions to include HP and Juniper) and is easily extendible.
Usage: check_env_stats.py [options]

--version show program's version number and exit
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-H HOSTNAME hostname or IP of device
-C COMMUNITY community read-only string [default=public]
-T TYPE hardware type (cisco,foundry,hp,juniper)
-M MODE type of statistics to gather (temp,fans,power,volt)
-w WARN comma-seperated list of values at which to set warning
-c CRIT comma-seperated list of values at which to set critical
-p include perfmon output
-v enable verbose output
Reviews (2)
Hi there,

Thanks for writing this excellent plugin.

I have a small request to make, can you please make the plugin compatible for use with Cisco 4500 Chassis Switches the current case is that as soon as i run the script i get multiple values dependent on the amount of blades i have in the switch.

Example: ./check_env_stats.py -H opc00sw1 -M temp -T cisco -C netstat -w 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 -c 40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40
WARNING: air inlet: 23 (W=1), air outlet: 36 (W=1), air inlet: 20 (W=1), air outlet: 26 (W=1), air inlet: 22 (W=1), air outlet: 26 (W=1), air inlet: 22 (W=1), air outlet: 26 (W=1), air inlet: 23 (W=1), air outlet: 27 (W=1)

Works like it should.

But now i have another chassis with only 8 blades.
Example: ./check_env_stats.py -H opa00sw1 -M temp -T cisco -C netstat -w 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 -c 40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40
Error: number of critical values not equal to number of table values.

Doesnt work, see error.

Can you make the script work that i am not dependent on the amount of inlet and outlet temperatures i get? i want to use this nagios script on all my devices without making any differences in the usage of it.
bykevin.sayers, July 27, 2012
Do you have a step by step guide on how to install. this and run. I have ubuntu 12.04 with Nagios Core.

What steps should I take as I am a newby.