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bypacketguy, March 6, 2014
Thanks a lot, i can now monitor my modules!
Looks like its working fine but havent had the change to test it when unplugging a blade.
bypacketguy, March 6, 2014
Thanks a lot.

You made my life a lot easyer!!

Small note about the oid:

sysUpTime is a 32-bit counter and will roll over after 496 days.

But you can poll snmpEngineId (. which returns the uptime in seconds and should not roll over for 135 years...

Could you implement this? its being described in https://supportforums.cisco.com/thread/153494

Now i sometimes get the following message:
./check_snmp_free_interfaces -H opc00sw1 -C netstat -d 90 -e
Warning - Switch uptime lower than defined delay (Uptime is 83 days)

While infact the uptime on my cisco device is:
OPC00SW1 uptime is 2 years, 49 weeks, 5 days, 4 hours, 16 minutes

thanks again!!
bypacketguy, March 5, 2014
0 of 1 people found this review helpful

Why would i want to compile all those things when it should work without, can give me some pointers on how to change the script to make use of whats already available?
bypacketguy, March 5, 2014
1 of 1 people found this review helpful

It doesnt work completely. (dont mind the translation)

I get:

VSS: OK VSL: not active Primary Chassis Active: Ok Secondary Chassis standby: OK VSL 209: OK VSL 210: OK

When i go to my VSS and check:

sh switch virtual link
VSL Status : UP
VSL Uptime : 2 years, 33 weeks, 3 days, 23 hours, 33 minutes
VSL SCP Ping : Pass
VSL ICC Ping : Pass
VSL Control Link : Te1/5/5

What is going wrong here?
bypacketguy, March 5, 2014
Thanks a lot, this plugin works excellent and i am now able to monitor my cisco 4506 and 3750 switches with one script and 1 command.

The command i ended up using which suited my needs was: ./check_snmp_temperature -H opa00sw1 -C netstat -T cisco1 -a '.' -A '.' -w 40 -c 50

And in opsview:
-H $HOSTADDRESS$ -C $SNMP_COMMUNITY$ -T cisco1 -a '.' -A '.' -w 40 -c 50

I used this in my opsview environment.
bypacketguy, March 5, 2014
Excellent script, its huge.

Thanks a lot for sharing and taking your time to make this.

However can you explain to me how i am able to see what the exact temperature is?

Example:./check_snmp_environment -H pgpa0sw1 -C netstat -T cisco -c 10
3 Fan OK, 2 ps OK, 10 temp OK : OK

I only get ok's but would like to know the exact temperature.
bypacketguy, March 5, 2014
Hi there,

Thanks for writing this excellent plugin.

I have a small request to make, can you please make the plugin compatible for use with Cisco 4500 Chassis Switches the current case is that as soon as i run the script i get multiple values dependent on the amount of blades i have in the switch.

Example: ./check_env_stats.py -H opc00sw1 -M temp -T cisco -C netstat -w 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 -c 40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40
WARNING: air inlet: 23 (W=1), air outlet: 36 (W=1), air inlet: 20 (W=1), air outlet: 26 (W=1), air inlet: 22 (W=1), air outlet: 26 (W=1), air inlet: 22 (W=1), air outlet: 26 (W=1), air inlet: 23 (W=1), air outlet: 27 (W=1)

Works like it should.

But now i have another chassis with only 8 blades.
Example: ./check_env_stats.py -H opa00sw1 -M temp -T cisco -C netstat -w 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 -c 40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40,40
Error: number of critical values not equal to number of table values.

Doesnt work, see error.

Can you make the script work that i am not dependent on the amount of inlet and outlet temperatures i get? i want to use this nagios script on all my devices without making any differences in the usage of it.