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SNMP Community Patches - Nagios 2.x

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nagios-snmp-community.patchnagios snmp community patch for nagios 2.0b4
nagios-2.0rc2-snmpcommunity.patchNagios 2.0RC2 - SNMP Community patch - fixed
nagios-2.3-snmpcommunity.patchSNMP Patch for Nagios 2.3
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Use per-host SNMP communities on check plugins with a new variable.
To use this patch, add to your hosts definitions the variable community with the SNMP community of the host:

define host{

use Template
host_name XXXX
alias XXXX
address XXXX
hostgroups XXXX
community public

The community is read by nagios on startup and is copied into the env variable SNMPCOMMUNITY to be used into the checks definition.

So the check definition can be:


and on each call of the plugin the right snmp community is used for the check execution.

A warning is generated on the nagios execution if the community is not set for a particular host.

The patch has been tested on nagios 2.0b4 and has to been applied to the nagios sources with patch -p0