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Simply check https host .



Check the time on a client, using SSH. This plugin is not meant to check the time server but the time on the clients, using unattended SSH connections. How can i setup a passwordless access from my nagios machine? su - nagios ssh-copy-id user@targ ...

/Category:NTP and Time


checks ssh status running "echo hello world" on the remote machine I created this plugin to check if the target machine can handle ssh connections. Differently from check_ssh standard plugin, this script will open a connection and run a command. So we ca ...



This plugin reads values from symux RRD files stored locally (or in a local folder, mounting some other machine's filesystem) It can check CPU and/or RAM. About CPUs, if more than 1, it makes an average.



check_backup checks for backups, if they have been archived or not. It reads a list from a file and checks if those backups have been stored into the backup server. Also a size check is performed: if the backup does not reach the specified size, a criti ...


check HP hpacucli Array status

This plugin checks RAID Array status on hp servers via SSH. it runs remotely the command "hpacucli" in order to check if the status of the disks changed. Using this plugin, you can have under control the status of all the Arrays on your HP servers in a ...

/Category:RAID Controllers


This plugin allows you to check the logs that are generated by a Cisco UCS. The Cisco UCS needs to be configured to send the logfiles to a logserver. Then this plugin allows you to check the generated logs and let you know when there are problems. ...


Check postgres replication

Check Postgresql replication, tested on 9.2 and 9.6 it connects to master and standby and reports in case replication is walking behind. It reports how many bytes or MB the replication is behind From and idea of Jonny Morano, completely rewritten by ...