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Linux Check PPS, BPS, or Current Line Rate % of NIC

Nagios plug-in that calculates receiving PPS, BPS, and percentage of line-rate (LR) from Linux kernel statistics by reading from procfs and notifies if above a given threshold.

Check OSSEC Agent and Server Status

Shell script to check the status of OSSEC agents and server. This script should be run on the OSSEC server. Alert on disconnected agents by name or by the number of agents no longer connected to the server. Also, provides check for running OSSEC servic ...


Checks for the Bro Network Security Monitor

Nagios plug-in that checks status of Bro and Bro workers. This script should be run on the Bro manager.


Check Current Connections

Shell script to check the number of connections/sockets in a given state. Uses iproute2's ss tool to retrieve connections (Linux only).

Linux/Unix Check File Growth

Shell script that checks the level of byte growth of a file for a time interval. Also, check that a file is growing. Tested on Linux, FreeBSD, OSX, and AIX.

/Category:Log Files

Unix/Linux Check Service Status

Linux/Unix shell script to check the status of a service. Capable of using sysvinit, systemd, upstart, etc, or choose your own status command. Tested on Ubuntu Linux, Fedora Linux, Red Hat Linux, FreeBSD, OSX, and AIX.

Unix Status Code Customizer (negate.sh)

Checks the status, or exit, code of another program and returns a Nagios status code based on the result. This is basically the official negate plug-in but rewritten in bash so it will run in heterogenous unix environments. Useful in cases where a pr ...


Unix/Linux Check Diskspace of Partition/Volume/Mount

Check the capacity of a volume using df. Tested on Linux, FreeBSD, AIX, and OSX.

Check Printer Queue State

Check printer queue status (using enq) on AIX. If the queue matches the given status then return OK.


Unix/Linux Check Filesystem Status by Directory

Shell script that recursively checks for filesystem input/output errors by directory using stat. Depth is configurable.

Check OSX RAID Status

Shell script to check the RAID status for disks on OSX. Returns critical on degraded, failed, or offline disks. Options: -l List full RAID information -c Check RAID status Usage: $0 -c

/Category:Mac OS / OSX

Check OSX HD SMART Status

Check the S.M.A.R.T status for a disk on OSX. Return critical upon failing status. Options: -d Specify volume a disk -l List available disks

/Category:Mac OS / OSX

Check OSX Temperature

Check the temperature sensors on OSX. Requires installation of TemperatureMonitor from www.bresink.com/osx/TemperatureMonitor.html. It checks each sensor temperature against the critical threshold specified on the command line and repots critical if tempe ...

/Category:Mac OS / OSX

Check Rsyslog Queues

Checks for presence of Rsyslog Disk Assisted Buffer (Queues) files. Options: -q Check for presence of disk queue files -d Specify $WorkDirectory (def: /var/spool/rsyslog) Usage: ./check_rsyslog.sh -q forwarder -d /rsyslog-buffer

/Category:Log Files