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Sun Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) Alarm check

This plugin checks the alarm table on a Sun Integrated Lights out Manager (ILOM) card for both x86 and sparc based systems and reports which parts of the system are in an alarmed state.


check_cdu - Monitor Server Technology Cabinet Distribut...

A Nagios plugin which has extensive and dynamic monitoring capabilities to monitor Server Technology (ServerTech) Cabinet Distribution Units (CDUs). Monitor nearly any metric that is provided from a CDU. Chain as many or as few options together to create ...



Some basic checks of an HP LeftHand device. Sorry I never wrote full documentation.

/Category:SAN and NAS

AKCP SensorProbe (check_akcp2.pl)

Version 1.1 adds support for AKCP SensorProbe Plus (SPX+) units An enhanced version of check_akcp which focuses specifically on temperature and humidity probes only. Leverages full capabilities of nagios to apply warning and critical thresholds to any ty ...


Thomas and Betts Current Technology Surge Protective De...

Check the logs on a Current Technology SPD with M3 monitoring option for interesting events.


Cellwatch Battery Monitoring

Version 2.1 adds --temperature, --cell, and --string options. NAME check_cellwatch - Pull and evaluate data from two tables displayed on the main Cellwatch Monitoring system webpage at http://IP/System =head1 VERSION ...