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Perl class to filter and munge Nagios availability data.
Gets the Nagios All Hosts or Services availability report (getting the results in CSV format) and applies grep like filters, map like munging, and slice like field masks to produce a report which can be output in various ways.

This class provides extra control over the content and disposition of the data produced by the Nagios availability CGI, by writing for example a spreadsheet containing the selected data.

Since the data originates from standard Nagios availability CGI, its results are no more accurate - and should be exactly the same - as that CGI.
Reviews (2)
I'm sorry, I'm a newbie..

How do I install it?
byspicysomtam, July 18, 2011
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
I did unpack and test this out against nagios 3.2.1. However it does not have the functionality to select hostgroups and servicegroups. I am sure this easily be added. It does work. Check out and modify the examples in the examples dir.