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smistat-0.1.tar.gzSmistat 0.1
smistat-0.2.1.tar.gzSmistat 0.2.1
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Smistat is a set of CGI-Perl scripts used to generate RRDTool graphs using performance data provided by Nagios plugins. It includes a web-based graph wizard for those who are not experienced with RRDtool.

Inspired by Nagiostat, Smistat is another graph-generation tool which uses perfdata provided by Nagios plugins to draw graphs with RRDtool.

SmiStat includes a web-based configuration tool : users experienced with RRDtool can fully configure the graphs they want to draw, and a 'graph wizard' is available for those who don't know how to configure RRDtool. SmiStat is aimed at being simple to configure and to use, and should become more and more complete.

Screenshots :

SmiStat was developped to have only few requirements :

  • Nagios
  • RRDtool
  • Perl with standard modules
  • A web server supporting CGI

Feel free to submit bug reports, patches, functionnality requests to make the software fit your needs at best.