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Awesome plugin! We've been using it for a couple years. Thanks, Troy!

We recently migrated our vCenter server to a vCenter Server Appliance 6.7U1. Will this plugin work with vCenter Server Appliance 6.7U1?

This the output from the check:

vi-admin@vma:~> ~/box293_check_vmware.pl --server --check vCenter_Name_Version

Server version unavailable at '' at /usr/lib/perl5/5.10.0/VMware/VICommon.pm line 726.

Owner's reply

vSphere 6.7 requires the updated SDK however it's not easy to install this on the old vMA appliance. VMware have also depreciated the vMA appliance and hence you will not be able to download an updated vMA with the new SDK.

I've create some instructions here on how you can deploy a replacement vMA on CentOS 7:


bytransom324, June 1, 2018
I don't understand how to format the alert ranges. No matter what value I use for an alert -w or -c threshold it results in a critical low alert. Does the script need to be edited?

Otherwise, without using alert flags, the plugin does output the correct temperature.
bytransom324, February 13, 2018
I uploaded the plugin via the Nagios XI GUI. I get this error when I try to test from the command line.

-bash: ./check_dd.pl: /usr/local/groundwork/bin/perl: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
bytransom324, June 8, 2017
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Check Microsoft IIS Application Pool
This is exactly what we needed to see our IIS application pool resource usage trends. We sometimes have individual apps that freeze. We hope now to be able to foresee issues before end-users are affected. Thanks so much!

Q. How would we set alert thresholds?
bytransom324, July 26, 2016
We have an EMR with 8 IIS application pools any of which may or may not start after a server reboot. This is huge for us! We don't mind the Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version in the Status Information field. Thanks.
bytransom324, April 5, 2016
VMware Virtualization Wizard
This wizard gives us the deep visibility into our vCenter environment that allows us to tweak the little things before they become big problems. This is huge for us. Well done, Troy!
bytransom324, January 12, 2016
It maybe a rookie error but I can't get it to work.

I keep getting:

(Return code of 127 is out of bounds - plugin may be missing)
bytransom324, February 17, 2015
With the help of Nagios customer forum I was able to get the plugin installed and configured as a service. I even have a nice graph :) Many thanks to all.