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byCBTSDon, August 16, 2011
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MSSQL Server Wizard
This is a great tool to have now in nagios. Makes monitoring sql servers much easier. There is 1 bug with the -p (port) assignment that prevents it from working correctly when you have non standard ports. You can easily fix this though by going into the service details and setting the host to be host:port

for example

check_xi_mssql_database!-H "server.mydomain" -p 1550 -U nagios -P "password" -T master --logfileusage --warning 0:80 --critical 0:90

would become

check_xi_mssql_database!-H "server.mydomain:1550" -U nagios -P "password" -T master --logfileusage --warning 0:80 --critical 0:90
Owner's reply

Thanks for bringing that to my attention don!