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Check all connected disks by S.M.A.R.T. You can set minimum pending/realocating sectors, disable test for logs, checksum or failing state. There are two tools: check_smart_all_disks.sh - check system for disks and run smart through second script check_sm ...



Compare checksums of all files in arbitrary directories with expected checksum from cache file.


check_file_sha512.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collectio...


Checks a file's sha512 checksum against an expected value


check_file_sha256.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collectio...


Check a file's sha256 checksum against an expected value


check_file_sha1.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collection)


Check a file's sha1 checksum against an expected value


check_file_md5.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collection)


Checks a file's md5 checksum against an expected value



Script to arbitrarily monitor the md5 checksums of any given file and throw a warning when a file is changed. Script is self-maintaining, in that it will update its own cache of checksums after a mismatch - this way, you don't have to remember to update t ...


check_file_adler32.pl (Advanced Nagios Plugins Collecti...


Check a file's adler32 checksum against an expected value




check_filesystem_e is a Windows plugin for Nagios, which checks the integrity of any files by their file size (checksum in bytes) A comma- separated list of Excludes is possible, supports also Regex for file names.

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