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Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 2.x
check_file_system.pyNagios plugin that compares checksums of all files in given path list with stored checksum of that file
check_file_system_cronjobHelper script if nagios user unable to access all files, e.g. /etc/shadow*
cfs_setup_cronmodeSetup check_file_system on your system using cron helper script
cfs_setupOptional (simpler) setup if nagios user has read permission or using sudo to access all files required
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Compare checksums of all files in arbitrary directories with expected checksum from cache file.
check_file_system: Compare checksums of files against a list of cached checksums for use as a nagios plugin.

Returns warning if:
- new file found, i.e. file path not yet in cache
- file not readable, e.g. error on access

(not yet: - file not found, i.e. a path from the cache does no longer exist in the file system)

Returns critical if:
- checksum from cache does not match checksum of path
- checksum cache has been modified (without updating the separately kept checksum for the cache.)

Handles dangling symbolic links if:
- checksum cache contains special check sum "-1"

== Setup ==

Setup handled via configuration properties in section marked with comment "# Setup ... # End Setup" in

CFS_CACHE: location of checksum cache
CFS_CACHE_CHECKSUM: location of checksum for checksum cache -- required if CFS_CACHE is located in a directory that should be checked.
CFS_CHECK_PATH: default directories to check if not overridden by command line.
CFS_EXCLUDE_PATTERN: regular expressions for path names that should never be checked. CFS_CHECK_PATH must always be present in this list.
CFS_CRON_MODE: If set to True, output will be redirected to log file instead of stdout, i.e. if your setup does not require cron helper script, YOU MUST set this property to False.

Getting setup is not trivial, especially if you have to use the cron wrapper script and want to monitor the checksum cache as well. See the cfs_setup_cronmode helper script for required steps. If you change any of the default file system locations, remember to forward your changes to cron job, cron helper script (if used) __and__