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nrpe plugin: check_lsf_host.sh

nrpe plugin: check_lsf_host.sh Plugin for nagios nrpe to report on local host lsf status and performance data. Uses bhosts and lsload lsf commands. Performance data tested with pnp4nagios, which produces a time graph for each metrix in the lsloads listing. Why is this run on the loc ...


nrpe plugin: check_lsf_master

nrpe plugin: check_lsf_master A nrpe check script to run on the LSF master host.


nrpe plugin: check_meminfo.pl

Plugin to get info from /proc/meminfo. This plugin lets you get any info from meminfo, including anything that may be architecture specific or added in the future. As well as getting performance data, you can also set warning and critical thresholds t ...



This is a time check script that uses snmp. It checks your remote servers have the correct time and date. The nice thing about this script is it does the date/time check in universal time coordinated, so it can check the time on servers in a different tim ...