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byegalstad, February 3, 2012
Great patch! This was applied to NDOUtils and is part of the 1.5 release. Thanks for your efforts!
byegalstad, October 3, 2011
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sjorge - This patch was not applied because it is technology-specific and not an abstract concept. The "address" field in host definitions can hold IPv4, IPv6, MAC address, and other types of "addresses".

Additionally, you can use custom variables and reference them in your command definition if you need multiple types of addresses associated with a host.
byegalstad, March 19, 2011
check_cap: check Common Alerting Protocol feeds
An excellent plugin for receiving alerts about important advisories!
byegalstad, December 30, 2010
This cygwin implementation of NRPE makes it much easier to implement Nagios monitoring of Windows machines. Thanks for your contribution!