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History Tab

16 votes
Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios XI
historytab.zipHistory Tab component
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History Tab
Adds a tab to Host and Service Detail screens to show history for comments, acknowledgements, downtime and external commands.

Twitter: @Box293
Version History
* Initial release

* mgutherie@Nagios fixed a missing form tag (would cause an issue with any tabs that came after the History tab). Credit also goes to BenLiyanage for identifying this earlier on but I forgot to make the corrections

* Component now only shows the last 25 entries but has options to show more entries if required (requested by Willem D’Haese)

* Fixed bug that prevented History tab from showing results on newly deployed versions of XI 2014 (reported by aeidt4 and westernuniv ... fixed by Scott Wilkerson)

* Fixed bug that prevented Performance Graphs tab from showing graphs on some versions of XI

* Added Scheduled Downtime comments (requested by snapon_admin, Fred Kroeger)
* Added history on the following external commands (requested by Fred Kroeger):
** Active Checks enabled/disabled
** Passive Checks enabled/disabled
** Notifications enabled/disabled
** Flap Detection enabled/disabled
** Event Handler enabled/disabled
** Obsession enabled/disabled

* Stopped duplicate Scheduled Downtime messages from being displayed (reported by snapon_admin)

* Added code for a History Icon to appear to make it compatible with Nagios XI 5
Reviews (8)
byPloixou, December 7, 2023
It's seems not working with Nagios XI 5.11.3.
We have "To be replaced by table content" :(
bybanditbbs, May 10, 2018
How did I never know about this until now! Finally an easy way to see past downtime information!

Thank you Troy!
bysnapon, May 21, 2015
Great component, and Troy makes sure it stays up to date and has been very quick to add new features! Highly recommend.
bylmiltchev, February 6, 2015
Great component! Keep up the good work, Box293!
byaeidt4, February 2, 2015
When I first installed this addon it worked great. But it has stopped showing anything - just says "No history found"

Running Nagios XI 2014R2.0

Any Suggestions?

PS. giving an average rating because it is not working at the moment. When it was working it was great. Will give a better rating when it works again.
Owner's reply

Thanks for reporting this, it is now fixed in version 2015-02-06.

bywillemdh, October 22, 2013
1 of 1 people found this review helpful

This is a nice component, but the 10 % discount is just a litle bit too much unused information... Also, there should be a limit to the history showed, as I have some service who are getting really slow (who have recurring downtime)

Owner's reply

Hey willemdh, the 2014-07-09 version now limits the history shown as suggested. Thanks for helping improve the component!

byNordea, August 28, 2012
Is there any extra licence that is required apart from the one for Nagios XI in order to use this component?
Owner's reply

The answer is no. This was resolved by clearing the end users browser cache / cookies.

byBenLiyanage, August 31, 2011

There is an unclosed form tag in this component. That said, its nice to have a UI for some historical data like this.

Owner's reply

Thanks Ben, this is now fixed in the 2011-11-30 version, much appreciated.