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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
Network Monitoring Software - Download Nagios XI
Log Management Software - Nagios Log Server - Download
Netflow Analysis Software - Nagios Network Analyzer - Download checks all virtual hosts of an running Apache2 instance. checks all virtual hosts of an running Apache2 instance.

This plugin depends on sshpass (for Debian: apt-get install sshpass) and ssh (for Debian: apt-get install ssh).

If you have the following problems:
- "Service check did not exit properly": make sure you are not running plugin with nagios embedded perl interpreter (to be sure: command_line /usr/bin/perl $USER1$/ ...);
- "Service Check Timed Out": make sure your server is in nagios .ssh/known_hosts file. To be sure of that connect to your web server (su - nagios -c "ssh root@server". In most cases nagios can't connect to a shell, so you should check if nagios have /bin/bash parameter instead of /bin/false in /etc/passwd) with ssh and type yes to add it. This issue is corrected version 1.2 but warning, it automatically adds hosts to known_hosts file.

NB: not tested with Nagios 1.x & 2.x
Reviews (1)
byjantman, February 11, 2010
This plugin seems to be coded in a site-specific way. requiring SSH. Won't work on the local system. No idea why this is done instead of letting the user (who knows how their architecture is designed) use NRPE or NSCA or check_by_ssh.