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Doesn't meet plugin spec. Doesn't even have -h or --help. I actually don't see any option/argument processing in it at all, but there's a lot of hard-coded configuration, even time zones.

_mem takes arguments, but they're positional - again, violating the plugin spec.
byjantman, February 7, 2012
No longer works since the URL it's checking (http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/realmstatus/status.xml) no longer exists.

The status information that used to be provided by the XML used by this check script is now provided as JSON at:
byjantman, February 11, 2010
This plugin seems to be coded in a site-specific way. requiring SSH. Won't work on the local system. No idea why this is done instead of letting the user (who knows how their architecture is designed) use NRPE or NSCA or check_by_ssh.