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check_mq IBM WebSphere MQSeries Queues Monitor

10 votes
mq-utils.jarJAR file (use latest java JRE)
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java program that check the depth of a queue. does not require MQ client!
java program that check the depth of a queue.
does not require MQ client!

1) copy the file to your nagios libexec directory.
2) define a command at checkcommands.cfg:
define command{

command_name check_mq
command_line java -jar $USER1$/mq-utils.jar $ARG1$ $ARG2$ $HOSTADDRESS$ $ARG3$ $ARG4$ -w $ARG5$ -c $ARG6$ -debug

3) the service check command should be:
Reviews (5)
bymokeefe, December 16, 2014
This plugin is not currently under development. If you would like to take the lead on this project email sales@nagios.com
easy install, all i needed was the queue depth and alert if greater than the parameters.

should the graph display? that is show times where the depth was > 0? messages clear quickly, though if something is wrong it would spike.
The Warning and Critical value is the depth of the queue or better said the number of messages that are present in the queue. so having more messages in the queue then the warning will give you a warning. Same for Critical.

so putting Warning on 2 and Critical on 4. Then you will get a warning if you have 2 messages in the queue and a critical warning if you have 4 messages in the queue.
Does the command line below have to have the Exclamation mark and what are all the ARGs for a little documentation would be great.

thanks keep up the goodwork
bygeuse, October 1, 2010
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from MQ logs:
CSQX599E WBGE CSQXRESP Channel CLIENT.TO.CSQ1 ended abnormally CSQX209E CSQ1 CSQXRESP Connection unexpectedly terminated, channel CLIENT.TO.CSQ1, connection nagios (XX.XX.XX.XX) (queue manager ????) TRPTYPE=TCP

Pheraps it would be better to close the connection at the end of any check ?

A good plugin. I found it very useful. Thanks a lot.