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byjajohnso77, July 23, 2020
Back in 2013, I found this service check and I started to use it. Almost immediately the MQ admins started yelling at me for causing a ton of errors in their logs because the service check wasn't properly closing out from the queue / queue manager and simply disconnecting which was a no-no. I was annoyed and embarrassed so I tried finding the source code somewhere online but I couldn't. So, I found a java decompiler and decided to try and decompile and fix what I could.

I was able to get this working properly with a lot of google. I had always meant to put this up in github but I never got around to it until this week. I found the source code and compiled jar and I'm making it available.

I am not the original author of this service check and I'm not affiliated with Traiana. I just fixed a buggy MQ API call.


byjajohnso77, February 26, 2012
This plugin combined with the included php template makes the best combination for monitoring linux servers' network activity. It's easy to use and works really well with NRPE too. Highly recommended!