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Python Memory Check (psutil)

Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 4.x
mem_check.pyPython script to check memory use
check_nrpe_mem_mem_check.phppnp4nagios template
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Python Memory Check (psutil)
Improved memory check using Python, specifically the psutil library.
A Python based memory check which leverages psutil and nrpe to return % used, buffered, cached, and total used memory metrics.

The first graph tracks the % of system used memory, and will by default warn at 85% and crit at 95%. You can adjust these with the -C/-W options when executing the script if desired.

The second graph is for historical data only, no alerts will be sent for any cached, buffered or total used value, as they are not always indicative of a server issue. Having the data historically graphed should help Systems Administrators make better resource decisions when considering upgrading or removing resources from a server.

Installation details included in README file. pnp4nagios template is included.

Written in Python 2.7.x. All print statements are in the Python 3.x friendly format of print('data'), which should allow this to run in Python 2 or 3. Not yet tested in Python 3, it may take some tweaking to work.