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byrrobert, March 14, 2014
Worked fine. Would clean up the grammar a bit. Help should read for example,

-x Comma separated list of NFS mounts to exclude from monitoring (default : none)

I would like an option to turn off warnings when there are no NFS mounts to monitor, but maybe that's peculiar to my needs.
byrrobert, September 13, 2013
Hard-coded paths make this difficult to use. There's not always (and probably shouldn't ever) be a link to the puppet binary in /usr/bin.

A simpler option is to use the status option of the puppet init script, i.e, /sbin/service pe-puppet status or /etc/init.d/*puppet status.
Owner's reply

@rrobert: Thanks for your comment, excuse me for late response. I totally agree on this and solved that today. See the latest version of this script on github.

byrrobert, August 27, 2013
Ran fine out of the box. As usual with Perl, need it installed.
byrrobert, November 30, 2011
Works as advertised, which is sweet indeed. Thanks.
byrrobert, August 25, 2011
Comment out the "use warnings;". Ran fine from the command line, but with both that and "use strict;" as a Nagios plug-in it returned the error, "(Service check did not exit properly)."