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Category: Others

Nagios plugins for monitoring other stuff, for which there is no specific category yet.

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Nagios Plugin to read values and check the status of your switches, sensors, etc. out of the Z-Way HomeAutomation System using the JSON API. Currently the following CommandClasses are supported: 37 - SwitchBinary 38 - SwitchMultilevel ...


Reporta el estado del servidor usando el comando onstat - Reports the server state using onstat - command.


countdown_to_date The purpose of this plugin is to allow you to trigger warning or critical states as you approach a date. This date might be the warranty expiry date on a server, or when a license needs renewing.


Crypto converter

Crypto converter Convert crypto currency values using API


Monitor DesignSync (from Dassault, a version control tool) mirrors. Lists all the mirrors found on the server, count those down and report the status.

Doomsday Check

Doomsday Check A simple plugin to show just how flexible Nagios can be. This plugin monitors an arbitrary doomsday date of your choosing, with customizable warning and critical thresholds. You don't want to miss the recovery alert!

Jenkins Plugin

This is a plugin which lets you check jenkins jobs according to a variety of metrics


Kannel Status

Checking Kannel Server status for SMS

Merge Multiple Check Results

Runs and merges multiple checks together and does an operation on the results.



This is a framework for quickly developping and easily maintaining Nagios plugins. It is written in php 5.


MythTV backend check plugin

The check_mythtv plugin connects to the mythbackend process to make sure its running. It reports the status of the tuners and checks to see how much program guide is available.

NAGIOS plugin to monitor VDR femon plugin SNRA (in germ...

A NAGIOS plugin that grabs the SNRA (Signal-Noise-Ratio) value as supplied by the VDR femon plugin. Though the article is in german, the code is commented in english and should be adaptable for any NAGIOS/VDR installation.


NagiosVision Nagios is a plugin designed by Alessandro de Oliveira Faria to send alerts based on the identification of objects or faces your server using computer vision (with openCV library) and a simple webcam.



A set of programs that server as generic plugins to monitoring systems such as Nagios, Big Brother, Zabbix and many others.


Run a nagios plugins, and remove performance data from output.


plugin to check plm status

This plugin will check the plm running status from mux and dsp status and feed result into nagios. This is tested in Seimens TC 2005 server.



This script is a Nagios (3.xx) plugin that runs another Nagios plugin, and then, depending on the plugin returned status, run a custom command. The status of the Nagios plugin is returned at the end of the script.

Rasberry Pi Temperature Monitor

Using the temperv usb thermometer with a Rasberry Pi, the ambient temperature of a room can be monitored with this script.

Send HTML Alert Email

Send HTML Alert Email Send your Alert Mails using HTML formatted emails.. Requires less than 5 minutes to fully setup.. This is version 1 of the HTML Mail Alert... I have released a version 2 of the HTML Alert Mail which takes advantage of many MACROS.. It also looks nicer :) ...



Compare local clock against multiple NTP servers


Siebel CRM on Windows Monitor

This plugin is a bunch of VB Scripts to monitor availability of Siebel services through srvrmgr.exe Although the regular commercial available monitors are adequate, the cost to monitor Siebel is quiet high. The scripts can run standalone, but can be ...


Unix Status Code Customizer (

Checks the status, or exit, code of another program and returns a Nagios status code based on the result. This is basically the official negate plug-in but rewritten in bash so it will run in heterogenous unix environments. Useful in cases where a pr ...

Weather Conditions and Forcast with Weather Underground

Nagios Plugin to check the current weather conditions with Weather Underground. Developed to work on Synagios (Synology Nagios Server)

Woot Checker: check_woot

Woot Checker: check_woot Plugin to check several Woot sites via an RSS feed for Nagios.



This script runs the specified Nagios-plugin, captures stdout and reformats the performance-data to multi-label-format as specified by check_multi. It has been designed for check-scripts, which check several instances (f.e. disks) on one system.

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