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Doomsday Check

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check_doomsday.phpThe doomsday plugin
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Doomsday Check
A simple plugin to show just how flexible Nagios can be. This plugin monitors an arbitrary doomsday date of your choosing, with customizable warning and critical thresholds. You don't want to miss the recovery alert!
./check_doomsday.php --help

Doomsday Plugin
Copyright (c) 2011 Nagios Enterprises, LLC.
Written by Ethan Galstad as an example of just how flexible Nagios is!
License: GPL v2

Usage ./check_doomsday.php --date= --name= [--warning=] [--critical=] [--unknown=]

date = Doomsday date (e.g. '2011-12-21')
name = Doomsday name (e.g. 'December 21, 2011')
wdays = Days prior to doomsday date to generate a warning alert
cdays = Days prior to doomsday date to generate a critical alert
uhours = HOURS prior to and after the doomsday day to be in an unknown state of alert

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