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Nagios plug-in to check Kannel WAP/SMS gateway.
check_kannel is a Nagios (http://www.nagios.org) plugin written in Perl (http://www.perl.org) which monitors the Kannel WAP and SMS Gateway software (http://www.kannel.org) status by interfacing with the status interface it exports in XML format via HTTP.

It was coded mostly following guidelines on Nagios Plugin development found at


but currently lacks translation and performance data features.

Requirements include:

* Perl 5.
* Nagios with EPN (Embedded Perl) support.
* Perl modules:
LWP::UserAgent XML::DOM XML::XPath XML::XPath::XMLParser

Contributions, suggestions and bugreports are encouraged and appreciated. Please contact me if you are willing to contribute.
Reviews (3)
byVO, February 6, 2017
It works OK, except there are several bugs on the queue checks. The queue checks do not work at all because of line 239 should change "warning" to "critical". Second bug makes all queue checks work only if both send&receive warning&critical options are set. Fix the line 239 and set options i,j,o,q and it should work.
byivan_upsons, December 12, 2012
i have used check_kannel plugin and it is really working fine for me. however, the graphing is missing and if added, the plugin will be up there in the ranking! Thanks ivan
bysdbhabal, January 11, 2012
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
I m monitoring my SMSC connection's, SMSbox with this plugin. But not able to monitor --smsrecvqwarn, --smsrecvqcrit, --smssendqwarn & --smssendqcrit. It doesn't show any warning or critical alert in send & receive SMS queue.
I need help to monitor all this.