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byVO, October 25, 2021
There is a critical bug on line 94 - the check will never return CRITICAL for "source B" unless both power sources are down!
byVO, July 31, 2017
Works on Nexus 3064 NX-OS 7.x without any problems.
byVO, July 31, 2017
Works on Nexus 3064 NX-OS 7.x

But some sensors give strange results:
| Ethernet1/1_Lane_1_Transceiver_Temperature_Sensor_300000007=39347celsius;;;;

Looks like some multipliers are wrong and the sensors above show value times 1000.
byVO, February 6, 2017
It works OK, except there are several bugs on the queue checks. The queue checks do not work at all because of line 239 should change "warning" to "critical". Second bug makes all queue checks work only if both send&receive warning&critical options are set. Fix the line 239 and set options i,j,o,q and it should work.