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Category: Linux

Nagios plugins for monitoring Linux systems.

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This is an improvement of the check_smartmon plugin, used to check SMART hard drive health



Check disk status with smartmontools.


Script checks all disks for their SMART values. The selected ones are reported, if their value is bigger what 0.



Check disk drives for s.m.a.r.t. attributes failures. This is a Nagios plugin for running basic health checks on a Linux host, via SNMP. Current version can check CPU load, disk usage, system load, memory usage, network traffic, process details, number of running processes, swap usage, timedrift, uptime and ...



simple nagios plugin that used UCD-SNMP-MIB and Nagios::Plugin model to monitor real memory usage on a linux appliance. it includes cache and buffers in the calculation of free memory. It does not require or any unix snmp utilities like snmget



Bash script to check if snort daemon is up and running.

check_ssl_cert PHP version

A PHP alternative to check_ssl_cert.perl


Checks for available patches on SuSE and SLES Linux.


Check the swap space on SuSE Linux Boxes


Python plugin to check the status of a software based RAID device. patched version. So it will work on fc1,2,3,4,5 centos 4, Debian woody,sarge hosts.


This PERL-based plugin monitors the value/string of a particular Linux/*BSD kernel sysctl oid you specify. You can even compare the value of one oid against that of another oid!


A small Bash script that checks the CPU (or M/B) temperature with lm-sensors. Default is to check the CPU temperature but this can be changed to for example the motherboard temperature with a "--sensor" argument.


A perl script that checks the CPU (or M/B) temperature with lm-sensors. Default is to check the CPU temperature but this can be changed to check any temperature returned by sensors with an argument. The plugin complies with the guidelines, for example ...



Checks the time on the remote machine using ICMP Timestamp packets (sent using sing command).


Checks the top running process on the system. Has arguments for warning and critical levels.


Checks interface traffic by querying the proc-Filesystem without SNMP !


A patch to make the check_debian_packages plugin suitable for use with Ubuntu.


check_updates is a Nagios plugin to check if a RedHat or Fedora system is up-to-date



A plugin to check that a file/directory of files have a recent update to them. This can be useful for checking for stale log files on systems that don't have other means of tracking the health of services.


Simple script to check the uptime of a Linux, Unix, or Solaris host. This check is informational only, it always returns 'OK' Sample use: define service Sample output: System Uptime - up 9 days, 5 Hours, 02 Minutes


check the uptime of a system

check_uptime with full support for notifications

This Nagios plugin checks the time the server is running. It can be used to notify (with a warning or critical exit status) if an host has a boot time lower or greater than a given number of minutes. You can specify the notification ranges by using the s ...


check_uptime with notify

check_uptime is a Nagios plugin to monitor the uptime of server and can notifying than uptime large of value (by days)


Script to check the uptime of a Linux system.



Simple shell script to check total used ram on target server, this plugin was tested using check_by_ssh. Results are showed in percentage. commads.cfg: command_line $USER1$/check_by_ssh -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -C "/remote_PATH/check_used_ram -w $ARG1$ -c ...


A simple shell script for nagios to check currently logged in userser on a target system


A simple bash script which does the same as check_users from the official Nagios Plugins does. Additional you can exclude users or groups from being counted.


A small plugin to check who is logged on a linux machine and the external ip of this user.


check_usolved_disks - Check usage on all disks

check_usolved_disks - Check usage on all disks This PHP Nagios plugin automaticly detects all disks/partitions of a Windows or Linux operating system and checks the free space. You don't need a check for every disk and just can use this check that'll return all available disks on the system. If a syst ...


check_usolved_linux_realmemory - Check the real memory ...

This PHP Nagios plugin calculates the real free memory according to When you think that your Linux memory is always near to 100% consumed, that is properly not true. Linux calculates the free memory in a special way. This pl ...



Simple script to check the kernel version of your Linux or Unix server. Sample configuration: define service Sample output: Kernel Version - 2.6.18-164.2.1.el5 (Red Hat 4.1.2-46)


the syntax is simple ./check_vmstat DOWNLOAD



Checks if a named vserver ( is up


Monitor disk space, memory and swap usage using the vsmon backend, with a "no configuration" philosophy.


check_writable is a Nagios plugin that checks if one or more directories are writable.


Plugin to check XEN Server. - checks DOM0 functionality (daemon, reloc-server, httpd-server) - checks status of given DOMU - fixed bugs - fixed some more bugs and did some improvements - did some improvements conce


Checks the YUM package management system for package upgrades, for example on Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS or Scientific Linux systems. Using the YUM Security plugin, it may differentiate between normal and security updates.



This is a nagios plugin to check how long it has been since yum update was last run. It should be installed on each server you want to check and accessed via NRPE.



Monitor ZFS pools on Linux.


Check a ZFS pool for health, fragmentation, capacity, and other statuses and metrics on Linux operating systems.



Monitor available software updates for zypp based systems like openSUSE or SUSE Linux Enterprise.

Count a running process number

You can count any process, and you can add warning & critical thresholds, both low and high. For example: $ -p bind OK: bind found 1 time


check a directory for a min/max number of files for unix/windows


This is a plugin that monitors CPU, memory and swap utilization related. It can monitor cpu and memory for more complex output with swap analysis and blocked processes, alarming as critical only in cases where paging and locked processes exist.


cpu load plugin

This is an initial effort to write a plugin that looks at the no. cores on the host to set the CRITICAL, WARNING and OK thresholds. The plugin also graphs the 1, 5 and 15 minute averages.

cups queue sh

Small script to locally check the queue of cups printers.

Debian upgrades

This plugin updates Debian apt database, then checks for available upgrades to install. Set WARNING if upgrades are available, OK otherwise (nothing to upgrade). Useful to be warned when security updates are available for your system.

Disk Service Time

Check's disk service time on Linux block devices.

Esx Checks using php and ssh keypairs

Some esx checks written in php using a ssh keypair system for people who want to keep their system certification by not installing external software and don\'t want to use snmp.

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