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check_procs_pgrep.tar.gzcheck_procs_pgrep v1
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Checks if a process (or processes) is running. Uses pgrep to filter the result.
This is a drop-in replacement for the official //check_procs// plugin. It uses the same arguments and gives same result however only the 'no of processes' metric is supported. It is a simple bash script that can be used on any platform that has bash and pgrep.

I've just had so many problems with the official C written check_procs plugin that I decided to do a replacement in bash. The problems have been seg faults, locale problems, unexplainable results, compilation problems on Solaris, etc.

This plugin doesn't have the features that check_procs has given the fact that only the 'no of processes' metric is supported but I figure that 99% of the usage is around this metric. It does on the other hand have things that check_procs doesn't for example that the search string is a regexp so that you can do things like 'search for processes ending with ...', etc.

Execute 'check_procs_pgrep -h' to see how to use it.