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byladinek, September 25, 2019
I found solution for VCSA 6.7. It is described in VMWare KB article https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/67483, where is stated, that problem is solved in 6.5u2 - this is not true, in VCSA 6.7 latest patch (Spe/2019) there is still old version of the script. More about solution here: http://www.vryan.co.uk/index.php/2018/05/09/vcsa-automated-backup-failure/
byladinek, November 5, 2018
Synology status
I am using this plugin with success on many Nagios instances. However now I tried it against RS818+ with 6.2-23824, and getting error same as man_al describes:
CRITICAL - Problem with SNMP request, check user/password/host
Analyzing this problem, SNMPWALK runs up to. = 2, then times out.
Timeout: No Response from which following test evaluates as error and exits with exit code 2.
byladinek, January 15, 2015
Excellent script. During attemps to get it up and running, I encountered two problems.
1. There is a bug at line 56 - missing opening bracket.
if((Get-Date $now) -gt (Get-Date $last))
if(Get-Date $now) -gt (Get-Date $last))

Second, I have Windows 2012 server as my Veeam box. Locales are Czech. From some unknown reason, all functions like Get-Date return date in English format (even more confusing, when you try the same from command line, the locales _are_ taken into account). However, the GetScheduleOptions call returns date with proper locale, so after this attempt to convert it to date results in format error. Even I donĀ“t understand exact nature of this problem, I found fix (this is for Czech format date):
The section of the code looks like this:
$last = $last -replace '\], Next run time: .*', ''

$fmt="d. M. yyyy H:mm:ss"
$last = [datetime]::ParseExact($last,$fmt, $null)

if((Get-Date $now) -gt (Get-Date $last))

Hope this will somebody save some time.