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OpenVZ Bean Counters Nagios Script

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A script designed to be executed on an OpenVZ host machine, which allows Nagios to monitor /proc/user_beancounters to see if resource limits have been reached. By Kyle Brandt.
The script parses /proc/user_beancounters and will exit with appropriate Nagios exit status if one of these limits has been reached. If you don’t want to run this script as root, I recommend compiling a shell script with shc to copy the bean_counters file, own it as a unprivilaged user, and then make that a setuid root script (Linux won’t usually allow setuid shell scripts, which is why shc can be used to compile it. Does anyone think if the script only copys the file to tmp that this might be dangerious?). This is what the script expects with its current configuration. The script is easy to modify to make it check for other parameters besides the fail count (failcnt) as well.