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check_dell.py - Yet another omreport nagios plugin

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A Python Nagios plugin to check Dell hardware. Designed to be used with NRPE and Dell's OpenManage utility: omreport. Has two options --chassis and --storage. Unlike other plugins this one can take the chassis components to check as arguments (fans, memory, etc).
Usage is available via the --help option. Additional information is available within the script.

The script has been tested on several hundred servers without issue. It requires Python 2.3 or above. If you are running Python 2.3 you should probably upgrade Python as that version is ancient. If that's not possible then you will need to download and install the subprocess module.

To install subprocess module in Python 2.3:

wget -O popen5.tgz http://cvs.lysator.liu.se/viewcvs/viewcvs.cgi/root.tar.gz?root=python-popen5

tar xvzf popen5.tgz

cd python-popen5/popen5

python setup.py install

*If it complains about "make" command not being found then you likely need to install the python3-devel package and try again.