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README.txtInstallation instructions
check_bgp_neighbors.shCheck Script
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This is a BGP monitoring utility which uses four methods to monitor BGP instead of one. This script was written to work with Cisco routers and checks messages sent, messages received, prefixes in memory and connections status.
BGP is a fairly hairy medium sized beast which can be hard for new admins to handle. This script was developed to catch some of the problems that can burn an admin when using and monitoring BGP. Several different things are checked to determine the health and status of the BGP connections with neighbors.Often these problems will be made obvious when other services start to fail because of BGP, but this script is meant to help catch BGP problems before they cause larger problems in the network. This script is written for BGP4 on a Cisco router, but it could easily be modified to use with other vendors if the correct OIDs were identified.
Reviews (1)
byhk@, July 16, 2012
this works well for checking our bgp-speakers.
it would be even nicer if the "-n" parameter could be ignored so only one command definition would be needed in case you have a different number of neighbors on some devices.

Also we had to fix one line:

last_output=`/bin/cat /tmp/check_bgp_all.$hostname|grep $neighbor`

changed to:

last_output=`/bin/cat /tmp/check_bgp_all.$hostname|grep $neighbor:`

the ":" is needed to match only exact neighbor IPs, we for example hat x.y.c.2 and x.y.c.20 as neighbors to one bgp-speaker therefore the grep without ":" made for some bad responses which lead to expr-errors later in the script.