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byhk@, November 11, 2014
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
the latest icecast release removed this file from its distribution, thereforce checks fail - a fix would be greatly appreciated.
thank you!
Owner's reply

The later versions have started using status-json.xsl, I will need to alter the script to parse this file instead.
I will update this once ready.

byhk@, May 9, 2013
besides the typo in line 411.

we had to copy the "create tempdir" part to the "connect only check" as otherwise tftp always fails for "permission denied" - resulting in this update:

function check_connect () {
# tmp-dir creation is necessary also for connect-only-check
# as the tftp get fails otherwise with "permission denied"
# 20130509 hk@kapper.net
mkdir -p "$TMPDIR"
cd "$TMPDIR" || {
echo "Cannot create temporary directory in /tmp"
RESULT="$(echo get NaGiOs_ChEcK_FiLe | tftp $HOST 2>&1 | head -n 1)"
rm -f NaGiOs_ChEcK_FiLe
# call fixed - was: check_prinzipal_errors "$RESULT"
check_principal_errors "$RESULT"
case "$RESULT" in
*"Error code 1: File not found")
echo "TFTP OK - answer from server"
exit $STATE_OK
echo "$RESULT"
byhk@, May 9, 2013
this is because "status" of tftp always reports "connected to.." even if the tftp there is not responding...
byhk@, July 17, 2012
not available any more
byhk@, July 16, 2012
this works well for checking our bgp-speakers.
it would be even nicer if the "-n" parameter could be ignored so only one command definition would be needed in case you have a different number of neighbors on some devices.

Also we had to fix one line:

last_output=`/bin/cat /tmp/check_bgp_all.$hostname|grep $neighbor`

changed to:

last_output=`/bin/cat /tmp/check_bgp_all.$hostname|grep $neighbor:`

the ":" is needed to match only exact neighbor IPs, we for example hat x.y.c.2 and x.y.c.20 as neighbors to one bgp-speaker therefore the grep without ":" made for some bad responses which lead to expr-errors later in the script.