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SNMP Storage

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This scripts checks by snmp (V1,2c,3) disks, memory, swap, and everything in the hrStorage table (Unix, Linux, Windows, AS/400). Current version : 1.3.1
Disk selection can be done by perl regexp on description or index to select one or multiple disks. It is also possible to sum all selected storages. The script can output performance data.

Script language : Perl
Supported plateforms : all MIB-2 compliant (Unix, Linux, AS/400, Windows).
Current version : 1.3.1
Requirements : Net-snmp and Perl with module Net::SNMP

More infos and downloads :
Reviews (1)
found that exist the -R option
If I use this option the 5% of reseverd space is counted ... but ....

This 5% is used for local and nfs FS and this is an error because must be used only for local FS

I'm not a perl programmer expert
Someone could be check the check code in order to understand if it is possible to correct this bug ?