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found that exist the -R option
If I use this option the 5% of reseverd space is counted ... but ....

This 5% is used for local and nfs FS and this is an error because must be used only for local FS

I'm not a perl programmer expert
Someone could be check the check code in order to understand if it is possible to correct this bug ?

byemi65, April 11, 2017
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Check Microsoft IIS Application Pool
I didn't find any help to understand the available option for this check
byemi65, February 23, 2016
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Check Netapp Ontap
Please , could you tell me which roles should be have the ontapp defined user ?

byemi65, June 10, 2012
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in my opinion the limit for warning and critical would be defined in secons and NOT in minutes.

Plese some one could che the help command description ?

byemi65, February 9, 2012
8 of 14 people found this review helpful
Hi expert I need to know if is it possible to install nagiosgraph and nagios on two different server . I like to have nagios on server1 and nagiosgraph on server2 in order to separate the work of the server. If the ansewer is YES , where can I find the install and config information ? Many thank for the help Emilio