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bylumanet, September 19, 2022
Useful plugin for SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 Environments, sadly SNMPv3 isn't supported to this state September 2022.

USAGE:check_snmp_disk -H HOST -C COMMUNITY -w xx -c xx -m [r,v,d,n]

Required options :
-H HOST Hostname/IP to query
-C COMMUNITY SNMP community name
-m STRING What must be monitored (m = monitor)
r = Physical Memory(RAM)
v = Virtual Memory
d = Fixed Disks
n = Network Disks
Example : '-m rvdn' monitor all
-w xx Warning limit in percent
-c xx Critical limit in percent
Additionnals options :
-h -? Print this help
-V Print Version
-d Provide Performance data output
-s VERSION SNMP VERSION=[1|2c], 3 not supported (1 by default)
-f STRING Additional filter
Example : -f C: , -f /tmp
bylumanet, September 19, 2022
This download file is corrupt. I hope you guys can repair it.
This plugin works great for PERF IP data. It give's back nice perf data as shown below and works with SNMP v3 as well.

Performance data

ReadMB=0.00MB/s WriteMB=0.01MB/s ReadIO=0.00IO/s WriteIO=0.60IO/s TotalIO=0.60IO/s