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  • Nagios 1.x
  • Nagios 2.x
  • Nagios 3.x
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Script to check LDAP syncrepl replication state between two servers.
This script check LDAP syncrepl replication state between two servers. One server is consider as provider and the other as consumer.

This script can check replication state with two method :

by the fisrt, entryCSN of all entries of LDAP directory will be compare between two servers
by the second, all values of all atributes of all entries will be compare between two servers.

In all case, contextCSN of servers will be compare and entries not present in consumer or in provider will be notice. You can decide to disable contextCSN verification by using argument --no-check-contextCSN.

This script is also able to "touch" LDAP object on provider to force synchronisation of this object. This mechanism consist to add '%%TOUCH%%' value to an attribute of this object and remove it just after. The touched attribute is specify by parameter --touch. Of course, couple of DN and password provided, must have write right on this attribute.

If your prefer, you can use --replace-touch parameter to replace value of touched attribute instead of adding the touched value. Use-ful in case of single-value attribute.

To use this script as an Icinga (or Nagios) plugin, use -n argument
Reviews (1)
bymartinboer, February 8, 2015
The check works very good, with only 1 minor issue; if your LDAP's are a bit busy the timeouts are a bit short.
As far as I can see the timeouts are not in the check itself but in the libraries it uses and my python skills are not good enough to fix it.