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bymartinboer, February 8, 2015
The check works very good, with only 1 minor issue; if your LDAP's are a bit busy the timeouts are a bit short.
As far as I can see the timeouts are not in the check itself but in the libraries it uses and my python skills are not good enough to fix it.
bymartinboer, January 5, 2015
I ran into 2 really minor issues;
- Sys:Statistics relies on YAML:Syck, but the plugin doesn't complain if that fails.
- the plugin itself does not mention that the -I option needs 2 -w and -c variables.

and I have a small request as well; on virtual machines using lvm you often have a lot of 'disks' attached but most of them are loopback and virtual devices, if you add an option no-fake-disks-for-me-no-sirree (or a shortcut for that), you could loop through the devices in /sys/block/ and use readlink to remove the virtual devices from the list. This saves a lot of output when you don't want to use -p.