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Perlscript for checking a https-servers, with a ssl-client-certificate.
You can use *.pem files or a .p12 file with a password to connect with a https-server. This Perl-script needs:
LWP::UserAgent, Crypt::SSLeay and Nagios::Plugin.

It works for me, but i don't use all of it's settings.
Reviews (4)
Can anybody help with this check, because when disabling SSLv3 protocol (eliminating poodle attack) in WEB server this check does not function properly.
byigorgrin, March 18, 2013
It looks like "-pwd" option is not working. I don't see declared anywhere in the script. I tried p12pass but it's not working as well.

-pwd mypassword
Value "wd" invalid for option p (number expected)
Unknown option: w
Unknown option: d

spec => "p12pass|p12passwd=s",
help => "Password for the P12-File",
required => 0
byGandalf, December 8, 2012
After migrating from debian 6 to ubuntu 12.04 lts, this plugin did not work anymore.

I had to change the way, the cert, key and cacert parameters were set and added the following lines after creating the useragent $ua.

SSL_ca_file => $cacert,
SSL_cert_file => $certfile,
SSL_key_file => $key,
At first this plugin was not working for us because we did not have the Crypt SSLeay library installed. Suggest to add "use Crypt::SSLeay;" to use section at top of file to throw an error if library is not installed.

To install the needed libraries on CentOS use "yum install perl-Crypt-SSLeay perl-Nagios-Plugin"