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Check DNS via Powershell

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  • Nagios 1.x
  • Nagios 2.x
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios 4.x
  • Nagios XI
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Check DNS as Powershell Script, to be used with NSClient/NSCP

Windows DNS-Server parents might be external DNS-Server provided by ISP or google so this upstream connection can be checked with this script
Sample nagios command definition:

define command {
# ARG1:, dns server
# ARG2: www.google.de, host_name
command_name check_windows_dns
command_line $USER1$/check_nrpe -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -c check_dns -a $ARG1$ $ARG2$

Sample NSCP (Version: 0.4+) nsclient.ini:

[/settings/external scripts/wrapped scripts]
;; DNS Check
;; ARG1: DNS-Server
;; ARG2: DNS-Name to check
check_dns = check_dns.ps1 $ARG1$ $ARG2$

[/settings/external scripts/wrappings]

; WRAPPING - An external script wrapping
ps1 = cmd /c echo scripts%SCRIPT% %ARGS%; exit($lastexitcode) | powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -command -

Sample Output:

$ /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_nrpe -H -c check_dns -a www.google.com
OK: dns returned

Or on error (this message is localized by your windows, so it might be timeout or something like this):
CRITICAL dns server Error: *** Zeitberschreitung bei Anforderung an UnKnown
Reviews (1)
byGldRush98, November 13, 2017
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
No issues, and worked immediately out of the box. Great way to functionally test a DNS server from NSClient.