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check_ifoperstatus with DS1 ISDN HSRP and Cacti support

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check_ifoperstatus.0.81.plcheck_ifoperstatus.pl version 0.81
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check_ifoperstatus script that use IF-MIB,DS1-MIB,ISDN-MIB,CISCO-HSRP-MIB (ePN compliant) (cacti lookup support)
Requires Net::SNMP.

Check interface status via SNMP.
(Based of original work by Christoph Kron)

check_ifoperstatus.pl -H -C -k
check_ifoperstatus.pl --help
check_ifoperstatus.pl --version

-H (--hostname) Hostname/port to query - (required) (port defaults to 161)
-C (--community) SNMP read community or v3 auth (defaults to public)

(v3 specified as username:authpassword:... )
username = SNMPv3 security name
authpassword = SNMPv3 authentication pass phrase (or hexidecimal key)
authprotocol = SNMPv3 authentication protocol (md5 (default) or sha)
privpassword = SNMPv3 privacy pass phrase (or hexidecmal key)
privprotocol = SNMPv3 privacy protocol (des (default) or aes)

-v (--snmp_version) 1 for SNMP v1

2 for SNMP v2c (default)
3 for SNMP v3

-k (--key) ifIndex of interface
-I {--ifmib} IF-MIB ifXTable supported
-D (--ifdescr) ifDescr to compare to (or use in cacti lookup)
-N (--ifname) ifName to compare to (or use in cacti lookup)
-t (--type) check type (defaults to default)
--hsrpgrp HSRP group to check (requires when type of hsrpgrp)

Cacti Integration:
--cacti_database cacti database to get index from (default cacti)
--cacti_username cacti database username (default cacti)
--cacti_password cacti database password (required to enable check)
--cacti_hostname cacti database hostname (default localhost)
--cacti_port cacti database port number (default to 3306)

(ifDescr or ifName must be define to use as key in cacti database lookup)

-V (--version) Plugin version
-h (--help) usage help

Check Types:
default - uses IF-MIB and checks ifOperStatus
isdnd - uses ISDN-MIB and checks isdnLapdOperStatus
dsx1 - uses DS1-MIB and checks dsx1LineStatus
hsrpgrp - uses CISCO-HSRP-MIB and checks cHsrpGrpStandbyState

(alarms if not standby or active)

Version 0.81 fix - forgot to add support for using different snmp ports (-H host:port)
Version 0.8 added --cisco to use locIfReason from OLD-CISCO-INTERFACES MIB

added --warnadmin to warn if ifAdminStatus is down instead of critical

Version 0.7 added snmpv3 support
Version 0.61 fix - removed -h for HSRP group as it conflicts with help

fix - ifAlias will now replace | characters with # so that nagios doesn't confuse for perfdata
fix - had typos of isdnd

Version 0.6 added -h (--hsrpgrp) option to check the state of an HSRP group

added -t (--type) new type of hsrpgrp (requires -h)
Note: HSRP currently will alarm CRITICAL only if state is not active or standby

Version 0.5 $snmp was not checked for being defined - fixed

replaced -c (--cactidb) with individual options for each connect string (see help)
added -t (--type) option and integrated isdn d channel and dsx1 checking

Version 0.4 added -c (--cactidb) option to use cacti database to get index
Version 0.3 added -D (--ifdescr) option to match ifDescr to parameter

added -N (--ifname) option to match ifName to parameter
if just -D is specified only ifDescr looked up, otherwise ifName is

Version 0.2 conformed with ePN
Reviews (1)
bybinfox, December 17, 2014
Hi, the -t (--type) should be -T (--type). The -t (--timeout) is for a timeout.