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byMaquis196, January 23, 2014
Does exactly what it says on the tin, does a couple of things very well.

My only gripe would be that if a box doesn't allow the plugin to talk to the server-status page, it should give a nice error, not the Python traceback you get at the moment.

Otherwise, very very happy. Thanks for this.
byMaquis196, July 24, 2013
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Great plugin, but I do have a fairly big problem I've just noticed, we use a .my.cnf file for all username and password (Which is common across the company for the nagios mysql user), however we need to specify hostname in the command for obvious reasons.

However, when you run the script with the mycnf option, it doesn't parse the hostname and goes to localhost instead.

So I ended up with 20machines all with the same mysql health values!

If you use --hostname --user and --pass as normal, the script works great hence the good rating, but if I can submit a bug report somewhere that would be ace.

byMaquis196, July 12, 2013
With the updated readme, this is a doddle to get working. Ben was most helpful with the heads up regarding ruby 1.8.

The only feature I would ask for at this point (if you're interested) is being able to pass the username and password from a file so I dont have the auth details in the nagios command!

Thanks for this. Much appreciated.
byMaquis196, July 3, 2013
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
I needed this more for ELB checking then ec2 checking, does the ec2 checking quite well from what I've seen and relatively easy to set up.

However I will ask, is there a way of finegraining elb metrics? At the moment it just uses the entire region, can the -I flag be used for the elb dns entry?

Owner's reply


You should be able to check your ELB using the '-L' option that allows to retrieve ELB metrics such as Latency, RequestCount, HealthyHostCount, and UnHealthyHostCount.

If you have problem or need more information, feel free to contact me using "Contact Owner".

Best regards,