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Apache ActiveMQ current messages monitoringscript
This is a script I've coded in Perl to check all queues of an Apache ActiveMQ service.
It uses the webinterface to get the XML data, so I'd recommend you restrict the access to the webinterface to localhost only, and use the script in combination with NRPE.

The command takes the following parameters:
-w = warninglevel (ex. -w 10; warn when messages in queue rise above 10)
-c = criticallevel (ex. -c 20; turn status in critical when messages in queue rise above 20)
-q = select queue (ex. -q nagiosTestQueue; output only the messages in the selected queue, default is all queues)

Variables that should be defined in the script:
$address = default is localhost (highly recommended!)
$port = default is 8161 because my Jetty runs there.

Tested with Nagios 3.x, can't think of a reason why it shouldn't work with Nagios 2.x

Feedback and suggestions are higly welcomed!
Reviews (2)
byZach, September 12, 2013
Error ***Cannot get XML file***. Anyone knows how to fix this error ? even though able to get xml from URL.
bybrothersir, May 11, 2012
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
I made an account out of appreciation. This nagios check to monitor queue depth in ActiveMQ is pure win.