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Thecus NAS (PHP)

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Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios XI
check_thecus_fans.plCheck the fan speeds
check_thecus_raid.plCheck thecus raid
check_thecus_temp.plcheck thecus temperatures

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A collection of check scripts to monitor newer THECUS NAS applicances.
Works on XI, unable to tell if it works on others... please let me know ig you use it, and will add it.
A collection of check scripts to monitor newer THECUS NAS applicances. This has been tested on:
N16000(Pro), N12000(Pro)

Due to the change in the firmware to PHP, many script have become unusable. Credits to
# Author: Moritz Bechler for Schmieder IT Solutions (
# License: MIT License

*Usage: --user --password --user --password --user --password

Possible Dependencies (not sure as they are on my system by default):
- perl-JSON module

HINT: This application does screen scraping of the web interface. This might cause errors, e.g. other firmware version is used or other language etc.
No warranties or anything on functionality. Change accordingly :)